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Double Roti restaurant ‘Smitten’
with a retro feel in modern context

Client: Double Roti
Location: Gurgaon and Chennai
Works: Identity design and branding

What it takes to convert ordinary into something more than extraordinary is a deeply rooted deed of Smitten Designs, a design agency and branding firm, which transforms Double Roti, not only the look but also the overall essence of the restaurant, into a newly incarnated avatar.

Client summary

Double Roti is a fast food restaurant designed in demeanour of QSR (quick service retail) format. Specialised in burgers and sandwiches, primarily looking at a young and an edgy positioning, this quick service eatery appeals to youth and a globally exposed audience with a true Indian heart.

Creation of a logo

When the team, a creative lot, of Smitten Designs was approached to facelift two of the Double Roti restaurants in Gurgaon and Chennai, first and foremost step the team took up was the creation of a logo that could be easily used to generate a signage applicable well and adaptable perfectly on different media. In turn, the signage and logo worked well on glass, wood and concrete walls alike.

Design structures

Perfect and proportionate amalgamation of the Double Roti logo and signage delivered the concept a new meaning. It was designed in such a way to look like a chef’s hat and yet a sandwich bread. Still it was a signage and the logo that could be enlarged and stood out prominently for a fast food retail outlet.

A retro feel

The graphics and wall elements that were created for interiors of Double Roti restaurants were inspired by a chalkboard style, stimulated into a classroom or a retro feel in a modern context. The band on the kitchen glass wall eventually serves as a signage and branding; at the same time it lends privacy to the kitchen. The knives on wooden chopping boards add the right level of quirk and edge.

Suitably for one and all

All the designs being implemented around the Double Roti restaurants are in a fashion that they can easily be adapted to any of the eatery outlet across different locations so that there can be a consistent expansion as the brand grown into an extensive chain.

Know Smitten Designs

Smitten Designs is a design agency and a branding firm. Its team is a great mix of skilled graphic designers, copywriters, art directors, strategists and consultants. Having backgrounds ranging from technology to art, hospitality to retail…altogether the team has a formidable collective strength of experience and diverse talents. With offices dotted across Bombay, Madras, Dubai and Manhattan (New York) Smitten Designs caters to a truly international clientele and it reflects both in the work and design style the team delivers. To explore more about Smitten Designs and their works, log on to:;