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Mockingjay salute billboards greet
Hunger Games fans around the world

What’s the one-hand gesture synonymous with hope and the tenacity of humanity? Hunger Games fans know that’s the threefingered salute in the movie. Throughout the movies, citizens of Panem use the salute to lend their silent support to Katniss. So, it’s only fitting that fans all over the world can unite today around brand new billboards featuring a mashup of people of different genders, races and ages offering their own salute. The pictures include people from ages 8 to 80, around the globe, offering their tribute to the worldwide phenomenon in 18 countries, right from Paris in France to regions as far-flung as Montevideo in Uruguay.

Bank of China lands
impressively in Gauteng airport

Air travellers landing at OR Tambo International Airport in Gauteng are graced by a large scale wall branding of Bank of China. The site covers more than 30 m in length and features an intricately designed creative that successfully captures the attention and the imagination. This static site is located in the northern port near the heritage corridor, and is visible to travellers soon after they disembark and make their way to passport control. Bank of China, through the airport ad campaigns in South Africa, aims to target Chinese companies as well as those at local level dealing.

SAMSUNG truck shows road
ahead on digital screen behind

Safety truck of SAMSUNG is turned out to be something innovative playing around with a digital screen installed on its back showing the whole road ahead so that others driving behind could be alert. Bringing a solution to the fact that semi-trailers are dangerous and stressful obstacles when drivers try to pass them, SAMSUNG has come up with the innovation—a small camera fitted on the front of truck broadcasts a live feed of the road ahead on the screen on the back of the truck; there’s even a night vision mode for night time driving. SAMSUNG has taken up this (safety) initiative in Argentina to curb road accidents which claim one person in every one hour in the country.

Ant-Man crawls high on billboards

Animated movie Ant-Man not only gained success at box offices, but in many other ways all around, including outdoor promotional campaigns. This movie based on the Marvel’s original script launched a series of outdoor campaigns designed cleverly on faux 3D billboards and installed strategically on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. The billboards were constructed using quality substrates and consumables, which subsequently created the catchy concept conveying the fun and size-shrinking premise of the superhero—yes, Ant Man.

Prismatronic LED displays
shined from Paris to Barcelona

First set of Prismatronic LED boards of Chinese company Prismachina have been premiered around the globe, bringing a variance to glow sign projects flourished in big cities across the US, France, Spain. Mashburn Outdoor in the US used nine 60 sq m P16 and P20 BBM displays; in France, the first 6 sq m P8 eye-catching displays for Exterion Media along the Paris ring-road pull attention of thousands of Parisians. And in Spain, Prismaflex is pursuing the installation of eight double-sided two sq m P6 Prismatronic displays in the harbour of Barcelona for Clear Channel.