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Even as reading news online has become more of a common trend or rather a convenient option for many of us to browse the latest developments in the industry, www.signnews.in is our initiative to serve this purpose; and one can find this website useful not only for a daily dose of ‘news updates’ but a lot of other opportunities altogether meant for every signage professional. We are proud to be the engine behind the running of this premier news website on the signage industry of India designed through global perspectives. Overall content of the site is equally prioritised both domestic and international news, features, analyses, which are covered in a persuasive as well as provocative manner.

Apart from being a niche industry news site, www.signnews.in is also poised to be a business platform where one can discover fresh ‘business opportunities’ in relative areas. In addition to constant news updates on what is happening around the industry at domestic as well as overseas levels, we have an exclusive section called ‘Business Opportunity’ under which the opportunities surfacing from time-to-time in the Retail Sector are covered. In this, the Retail Sector is noticeably one of the sunshine arenas where the signage players constantly land up with various landmark projects on in-store branding, fabrications, designs and other related jobs.

Of course, the Indian retail sector these days is a fertile field attracting many big old multinational brands keep pouring in to reap the best business. The sector witnesses the constant opening of brand new flagship stores in almost every single quarter; store network expansions of the big retail chains persistently take place countrywide—one might find such news feeds by digging over business newspapers; but why should poke around, wasting time and energy, when all can be found accumulated well in one place under the ‘Business Opportunity’ section on www.signnews.in.

Routinely log on to www.signnews.in, not to miss the opportunity that in turn can bring a boost to your business. Moreover, this news website is yet a promotional platform for those who wish to promote their products or services. The website purposefully provides spaces for both static and dynamic ads on strategic spots.

In this issue, under the Region Exclusive column, we have covered a slice of Kolkata. Certainly a slice because we just had a momentarily meet-up with a handful of signage firms during a recent short visit to the eastern Indian city. It was after a gap of six years since we last covered the city exclusively in 2009. A lot has been changed and developed since then during this time gap, so we keep plan to do a proper third coverage of the city sooner than later.

– Sonal Khurana